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Our Purpose

We believe in the pursuit of our passions. What is our #1 passion?


"There is no greater sense of accomplishment than being able to serve my community. It is why I joined the Peace Corps, why I continue to volunteer in various capacities, why I have weekly dinners with my family, and why I love gatherings (socially distanced of course) with my neighbors. It is that same drive for a sense of community that led me to UnityPPE. It is not a mission but a lifestyle accomplished through hard work, conversation, and a lot of coffee. It is relational. It is human. 

We need community now more than ever. To see, sense, and support our community through customer engagement and innovation. We uplift those who support and protect their communities. We are your PPE neighbor, and you can count on us."

- Savannah Cleveland (CEO)

Breathe easy - we've got you!

We know you have so many things on your plate - a job, a family, YOU time. While you focus on your priorities, we have made it a priority to focus on YOU! Whether its a comfortable mask for work or SEALS to elimintate foggy glasses - you can count on your PPE neighbor to keep you covered. 



When we needed masks for our team, we called Savannah. She helped us develop a great design and of all the masks we have available, the ones from Unity PPE are the most comfortable and best looking. Thank you!

Nelson A.